The Time of Sexual Trauma The Time of Sexual Trauma The Time of Sexual Trauma

Rape and Sex Crimes

So Yeon Jeong and Ye Eun Jeong

How does sexual violence live in the collective time of New York City?

This artwork aims to explore how Time interacts with sexual violence. Using the dataset titled Rape and Sex Crimes based on NYPD Compliant Data Historic, the piece will visualize the Time (time of day, length of reported occurrence, date) of reported sex crimes.

Programmed LED lights signify when in the day the reported sex crime occurred. As a clock goes through the hours of the day in sped up time, the lights signal that a sex crime has occurred at the given time. 365 lights, representing the days of 2016 are stacked in a calendar grid. All of the circles will be programmed to light up according to the data in Rape and Sex Crimes based on NYPD Compliant Data Historic.

The main piece will be accompanied by a simple bar graph to demonstrate that reports of sex crimes and rape have increased over time. It is estimated that only about 40% of sex crimes are reported to the police according to RAINN, the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization. The piece will also include text about the difficulties of reporting a sex crime to the police, and the reasons why people don’t do so.


Photo Credit: Samantha Hyatt


So Yeon Jeong

So Yeon Jeong is an interaction designer with interests in international development and data visualization. With a B.A. in International Relations and History from Wellesley College, she worked in international development and nonprofit worlds before switching tracks to study design. She has recently graduated from Pratt Institute with certificates in Computer Graphic Design, Game Design and Web Design.


Ye Eun Jeong

Ye Eun Jeong is a software engineer with a background in design, human rights advocacy, and journalism. She currently works in the Corporate and Investment Bank at JPMorgan Chase. She is a recent alumna of Wellesley College, where she studied Computer Science (among other things, and met great friends like So Yeon). More recently, she is a never-graduate of Recurse Center, a self-directed learning community for programmers based in New York City.